How it works

  1. Browse the main page and click on a video link that interests you
  2. Watch the trailer and read the description to see if you’d like to purchase access to the full show
  3. If you’d like to purchase access (for 48 hours unless otherwise stated) click “Add to Cart” and you’ll be redirected to a checkout page
  4. After the transaction is complete, return to the video page and the trailer video will have been replaced by the full production video

We’re an online venue for independent artists looking to increase visibility for their shows and events. Based out of Ottawa, Canada, we can host content created in front of a live audience and we can stream your shows live and leave them up as video-on-demand. The goal is to provide increased accessibility for an artist’s work, but ultimately, we hope that you can see these shows in-person when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I rent a video, does the artist get paid?
A: Yes! Proceeds are split between the artists and Live Online Live. The rate depends on whether the artist streamed / recorded the show themselves or video services were provided to them.

Q: Once I pay for a video, how long do I have to watch it?
A: Videos are available for viewing for 48 hours after purchase unless otherwise stated on the video page.

Q: I paid for a video, where can I find it?
A: If you go back to the home page, the price should be replaced by “paid” under the video you rented. Make sure you’re logged in by clicking on “My Account

Q: I can’t find my receipt / login info in my email inbox?
A: For new users, it’s possible that the email is in your SPAM folder. Please check there before contacting support.

Q: If I’m having problems with the website or video, who can help?
A: Please contact us with your problem (please be very specific) and we’ll do our best to help you out. Currently everything is run by a single person (AL Connors), so please be patient

Q: I didn’t like the show. Can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately not. The same rules apply as if you watched the show in person. Take pride in the fact that you supported an independent artist!

Q: Is every show on here Video On Demand or are there live streamed events as well?
A: Scheduled live events will show up at the top of the main page. If there are none currently showing, you’ll just see the On-Demand content available

Q: How do I get my show online here?
A: Shoot us a message via the CONTACT page and we’ll make it happen! Live Online Live can host the video and live stream / record it for you for a flat fee or a split of sales!