Will Somers: Keeping Your Head


Written and Performed by Pierre Brault

Broadcast live from The Gladstone Theatre
Produced by Jamine Ackert
Broadcast by AL Connors

56 minutes



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Arguably the funniest man to have ever lived (or survived), Will Somers was the resident fool at the court of England’s most bloody and profound dynasties, The Tudors. Serving 4 1/2 monarchs, from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, Will’s intelligent humour lightened the spirits of Kings and Queens, cooks and chambermaids, during Britain’s move from the dark ages. His position allowed him to speak truth to power, pointing out flaws in his monarch while all the while, keeping his head!
Join Will for a rollicking, funny and often moving journey through the most celebrated period in England’s history.
Written and Performed by Pierre Brault, Creator of Blood on the Moon, Portrait of an Unidentified Man and 5 O’ Clock Bells.